This is a mostly internal module, subject to change.

type closure < function, sequence

A Minilang function.

fun closure(Original: closure): closure

Returns a copy of Closure.

meth (Closure: closure):info: map

Returns some information about Closure.

meth (Closure: closure):list: string

Returns a listing of the bytecode of Closure.

meth (Closure: closure):parameters: list

Returns the list of parameter names of Closure.

meth (Closure: closure):sha256: address

Returns the SHA256 hash of Closure.

meth (Buffer: string::buffer):append(Closure: closure)

Appends a representation of Closure to Buffer.

type closure::info

Information about a closure.

type continuation < state, sequence

A bytecode function frame which can be resumed.

type variable

A variable, which can hold another value (returned when dereferenced) and assigned a new value. Variables may optionally be typed, assigning a value that is not an instance of the specified type (or a subtype) will raise an error.

meth variable(Value: any): variable

Return a new untyped variable with current value Value.

meth variable(Value: any, Type: type): variable

Return a new typed variable with type Type and current value Value.

meth variable(): variable

Return a new untyped variable with current value nil.