fun method::list(): list[method]


fun method::isolate(Args: any, ..., Fn: function): any

Evaluates Fn(Args) in a new method context and returns the result.

type method < function

A map of type signatures to functions. Each type signature consists of a number of types and a flag denoting whether the signature is variadic.

(M: method)(Arg₁, ..., Argₙ)

Calls Fn(Arg₁, ..., Argₙ) where Fn is the function associated with the closest matching type signature defined in M.

A type signature (Type₁, ..., Type/k, Variadic) matches if type(Argᵢ) < Typeᵢ for each \(i = 1, ..., k\) and either \(n = k\) or \(n < k\) and \(Variadic\) is true.

  • A type signature is considered a closer match if its types are closer in terms of subtyping to the types of the arguments.

  • A type signature with the same number of types as arguments is considered a closer match than a matching variadic signature with fewer types.

meth method(Name: string): method

Returns the method with name Name.

meth method(): method

Returns a new anonymous method.

meth (Arg₁: method):MLMethodDefault(...)


meth (Arg₁: method)[...]


meth (Arg₁: method):list


meth method::define(Method: method, Types: type, ..., ..?: any, Function: function): Function

Adds a new type signature and associated function to Method. If the last argument is .. then the signature is variadic. Method definitions using meth are translated into calls to method::set.

meth (Method: method):name: string

Returns the name of Method.

meth (Arg₁: string::buffer):append(Arg₂: method)


meth (Arg₁: string::buffer):append(Arg₂: method::anon)


type method::context

A context for isolating method definitions.

(C: method::context)(Args: any, ..., Fn: function): any

Calls Fn(Args) in a new context using C for method definitions.

fun method::context(): method::context

Returns a new context for method definitions. The new context will inherit methods definitions from the current context.